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Our Manufacturing Equipment includes:

CNC machines:
  • Manufacturing System DMG DMU105 MONOBLOCK with 5-axis continuous motion, X-1050 mm, Y-1050 mm, Z-900 mm, maximum workable weight 2000 kg
  • Manufacturing System DMG DMU80 MONOBLOCK with 5-axis continuous motion,X-800 mm, Y-600 mm, Z-600 mm, maximum workable weight 900kg
  • 5-axis Machining Center CB FERRARI A15 with 5-axis continuous motion, X-800 mm, Y-400 mm, Z- 400 mm
  • Horizontal 2-pallet Machining Center AUERBACH, X-700 mm, Y-700 mm, Z-700 mm with continuous rotating table
  • Drilling machine MIYANO, X 500 mm, Y 300 mm, Z 300 mm
  • Turning Milling Center STAR with 9-axis completed with bar feeder, manufacturing capability with collet 32 mm, with spindle 100 mm
  • Turning Center TAKISAWA- CNC lathe with 2-axis, turning capability 450 mm. diameter, length 710 mm
  • Turning Center DOOSAN LYNX 220LM - CNC Lathe with 2-axis, driven tool capability and 51mm bar capacity
  • CHARMILLE ROBOFORM 35P, EDM SINK completed with automatic tool changer
  • 20W Fiber laser marking machine, galvanometric scan head with rotating axis for cylindrical parts

Manual machines:
  • · Parallel LatheGRAZIANO SAG 12, diameter capability 350 mm and length 700 mm
  • Parallel Lathe PADOVANI LABOR 255, diameter capability 600 mm, length 1000 mm
  • Traditional Milling Machine RAMBAUDI, X-800 mm, Y-400 mm, Z-500 mm
  • Grinding Machine TACCHELLA for outside and inside diameter grinding, max. diameter capability 250 mm, length 600 mm
  • Linear Motion Grinding Machine ALPA 400 x 200
    Sharpening Machine TACCHELLA
  • Grinder with rotating table, diameter 400 mm
  • · Slotting Machine for keyways, diameter capability 700 mm
  • Automatic Saw Machine SHARK, cutting capacity 330 mm. diameter
  • Various tools including bench top and pillar drills, tapping tools, croppers, welding machines, tumbler machines, etc.

  • Measuring machine DEA MISTRAL, 1000 x 700 x 700 mm, head with 2-axis RENISHAW, software PC-DIMIS 2014
  • Automatic Linear Height Measurement System MITUTOYO LH-600
  • Roughness tester MITUTOYO SURFTEST SAJ-210
  • Micrometers, bore meters, linear height gauges, gauge blocks, measuring plugs, etc.

  • VISI CAD-CAM Vero Software, solid surface modeling system, programming with CNC (computer numerical control)
  • WORKPLAN for the project management and the internal and external orders
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